Thứ Tư, 28 tháng 12, 2016


GONE are the portaloos and breakfast en route; in their place a sparkling Visitor and Watersports Centre complete with toilets and café.

Things are looking up for anglers at Llandegfedd Reservoir. The Gwent water’s £2.5m facelift represents a case of third time lucky for owners Welsh Water. Funding problems and withdrawn grant aid had thwarted two earlier attempted revamps, leaving Llandegfedd as the only one of the company’s four fishing venues earmarked for development to remain in need of permanent facilities.

That omission was finally taken care of in April, after an 18-month build, when the new Centre was formally unveiled to the public. “As well as the café and proper toilet facilities, the new building has a permit office as well as offices for staff and a meeting room,” Welsh Water’s area lands manager Richard Poole told Trout Fisherman.

“There will eventually be a shop but it will be for basic tackle requirements, aimed at the angler who’s forgotten something or run out: we’re not looking to go into competition with local tackle dealers!”

The facelift also extends outdoors – all boat engines have been replaced with 3.5hp Tohatsu motors and the two existing pontoons are to be replaced by two new ones, provided by Coulam Boats. The stocking policy has also altered.

While the overall number of fish introduced has been lowered due to the availability of catch-and-release, the company is looking to increase the old average stocking size of 1lb 12oz.

Three thousand 3lb fish and 500 five-pounders will be stocked and 250 brown trout between 3lb and 6lb have already been introduced. Upgrading of the fishery’s boats – currently ongoing – is the next objective.

“Reaction to the new building so far has been pretty good,” Poole added. “We were able to address some parking problems and now also have three disabled spaces. “Being able to get breakfast on-site has also been welcomed. The café opens at 8am or earlier if there’s a competition on.”

Introduced by Matthew Schade at Hunting-Tips.Net.